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“Finance institutions and property buyers are becoming more aware of the need for proper documentation and inspection.” A group of Nelson residents fighting to reduce pollution is calling for the Nelson City Council to “come clean” on its secret decision to buy new heating systems for homes in the vicinity of a proposed new highway.

“Energy Management Solutions, the business contracted by the council to identify particular homes to make the offer to, “said this morning that it was up to the council to say how many homes had received the offer and what criteria were being applied.” Property cheapest conveyancing Brisbanespecialists are known to come convenient for you at whatever point it is the matter of selling properties in a selective way. The concept of rural-residential cluster housing is alien to those seeking country views and lifestyles unhindered by neighbors. But Tasman District Council resource policy planner Steve Markham says it could be the only way to meet the growing demands of development while maintaining the region’s landscape and valuable productive land.

Mr. Markham said that when the council decided to tackle the issue of forward planning for the coastal area between the Waimea Plains and Kina, it did not realize how big the task was. Since last November, when the council announced the draft rural three zones, consultants and staff have been planning how to provide for hundreds, and possibly thousands, more homes.

Shoppers visiting the new Farmers store in Richmond Mall will soon be taken to new heights with the help of the top of the South’s only escalators. “The new two-storey 4600 sq m Farmers store, nearly double the size of the one in Nelson,” “will also be the first Farmers shop in Nelson and Tasman to be fitted with air conditioning.”

Objectors to the development of three townhouses at 28 Nile St have been told the removal of the historic villa currently on the site cannot be dealt with by the council committee looking at the plan. The Nelson City Council’s applications committee chairwoman Gail Collingwood has told submitters that a compliance certificate allowing the removal of the villa had already been granted.