Month: March 2015

In the last two months this trend has been reversed with four businesses, Mistral Computers, Daddios, Business Systems and Nuchem opening. There are still empty shops on the carpark side of Putaitai St as well as the former Mocketts Menswear. “Tasman Regional Sports Trust chief executive Neville Male said the group had been searching for a Tasman base.”

American-born Nelson businessman Tom Sturgess was named in a Royal Forest and Bird Society press release written in June who called for stronger controls on overseas land ownership. Our conveyancing Sydney lawyers doing work for property Purchaser who want to buy new home or other real estate properties from auction. “The press release, written at the time of the controversy over an American buyer’s interest in Young Nick’s Head,” An experienced Nelson building surveyor says levies collected by various agencies should go towards repairing the damage caused by.

Don Frame, who has been involved in the building industry for 50 years as an apprentice, builder, senior building inspector and building investigator, “Nelson Company Gibbons Construction has unveiled a preliminary concept plan for the complex, which will have 15 to 20 large apartments.” The five-storey complex will be called The Quay, and will be made up of two and three-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 192sq m to 305sq m.

Gibbons property manager Louise Devine said prices were yet to be determined because the cost of the project had not been finalized. Prices would also depend on what potential buyers wanted, and the company would be seeking feedback from them on the concept plan, she said. A Singapore-based couple has been given approval to buy a rural Richmond property for a vineyard, for nearly four times its capital rating valuation.

The Overseas Investment Commission said it had given the go-ahead for Tim and Pauline Evill to buy 4.1ha of land at Hoddy Rd for just over $932,000. The land, which is not currently used for any economic purpose, has a rating valuation of $265,000. The commission said the Evills planned to build a home on the property.

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“Local Authorities say that although there is evidence of leaky buildings in Nelson and Tasman,” councils have not been taken to task over the issue. Conveyancing is able to perform complex property transaction processes. The council was certainly aware of leaking buildings in Nelson but its role so far had been as a mediator between the builders and building owners, he said.

Tasman District council regulatory services coordinator Phil Hilliard said the council had anecdotal evidence of leaky buildings occurring, “but most problems were sorted out between the builder and the owner.” but that had been to do with the quality of the building material rather than the building method.

Housing in the Tasman district continues to boom – 460 new dwelling consents were issued by the Tasman District Council in the 12 months to the end of June. It has been designed by Nelson firm Alisdair Daines Architects. Mr. Fawcet said building work was expected to start early next year and be completed by the end of the year.

“It would involve the construction of a retaining wall to stabilize the steep hillside behind the site, he said.” The site is 4730sq m but more than half of it is hillside which can’t be built on. Stoke’s business drain has been reversed. “In the last two months businesses new to the main Stoke commercial area bounded by Main Rd,” Songer St, Neale Ave and Putaitai St have arrived, filling up many of the empty shops.

By the end of this month two more businesses will be established and a third plans to expand into two adjoining buildings as soon as possible. When Whakatu Drive opened in March 2000, it allowed traffic to bypass Stoke. Conveyancing deals with transferring property’s legal title from one person to another. At the time comment from Stoke businesses was divided on the effect this would have. But a year to 18 months later vacant shops became more apparent with two major stores moving out – Stoke Radio and Television moved into Nelson and Mocketts Menswear closed down.

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